An outdoors family trip with our bamboo welly socks

See how a family experiences these bamboo knee high socks in wet and dry weather as they explore the countryside in their wellies.

Our customers' experiences with our bamboo socks

This is our first customer review. Feel free to send us your experience with our Bonsai bamboo socks and we'll be happy to publish it.

I was thrilled upon receiving my package with my new bonsai socks the other day. It’s always a wonderful feeling when I receive a new package by post but this time it was even better.

I have to admit that the packaging is amazing. Simple, yet stylish and above all environmentally friendly.  I love the boxes that contain each pair and they are actually the perfect size for using them to...

A day in my Bonsai's

A day in My Bonsai’s... οr how my socks saved the day! 

As part of a UK winter Xmas trip back home there is almost always some sort of scheduled walking involved that would generally involve making your way along a beach/wetland or field with your head bowed so low you are almost looking at your feet as you attempt to avoid the increasingly colder wind along with the very frequent stinging rain...

Welcome to Bonsaisocks website

We are pleased to announce the launching of our website

As a company our goal is to offer you high quality and environmentally friendly products that are long lasting and of the highest quality. That’s why we created our organic bamboo socks webshop because we believe in the power of organic material and we respect our environment.
We invite you to visit our website, share it with your friends and of course any feedback will be more than welcome.

The benefits of bamboo as textile

Why use bamboo as a textile.
Bamboo is very versatile raw material. Not only has it been used for cooking and even in constructions but its most widely known usage nowadays is in the clothing industry. Bamboo is one of the most popular eco-friendly textile that is used in a wide range of products such as socks. 

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