This is our first customer review. Feel free to send us your experience with our Bonsai bamboo socks and we'll be happy to publish it.
I was thrilled upon receiving my package with my new Bonsai socks the other day. It’s always a wonderful feeling when I receive a new package by post but this time it was even better.

I have to admit that the packaging is amazing. Simple, yet stylish and above all environmentally friendly.  I love the boxes that contain each pair and they are actually the perfect size for using them to organize my accessories in my wardrobe. Yay!

On to the main products. The socks were so soft when I touched and it’s almost unbelievable that bamboo can create something that soft, but it’s not because it’s real. Amazing. I don’t know how many are familiar with bamboo being used as a textile but this thing needs to be promoted so badly because it’s incredibly soft and gentle to the skin.

So after my initial admiration of my new bamboo socks while holding them, it was time for the real test. I had to put them on and see how that would work out. The weather conditions here in the North are perfect for such a test. Everything is covered in snow but the temperature is a bit indecisive which means one hour it’s -2 the next is +2. This means that it is still cold but some of the snow can melt which creates lots of water pools. So think of it as a combination of wetness and snow. The ideal test for the socks.

So I put them on at around 12pm and went out to the unwelcoming weather conditions. It was a busy day which involved a lot of walking in the snow. I don’t own welly boots but I’m wearing my winter boots which work pretty well but it does happen that my feet get warm if I walk too much which means sweat which means wetness inside the boots. Not nice at all.

But on that day that I put my Bonsaisocks for the first time I didn’t even think of it or notice it until I got home and took of my boots. I have been outside for almost 8 hours but I didn’t even thought of what was happening inside my boots. And when I took my boots off it hit me! These socks really work. I didn’t doubt it but it’s always a great feeling when you actually try it out and get the results you wish for.

Snow conditions are not very friendly to the feet but honestly your socks will definitely make my walking days a lot better. Thank you!

Greetings from Sweden.