A day in My Bonsai’s...οr how my socks saved the day! 

As part of a UK winter Xmas trip back home there is almost always some sort of scheduled walking involved that would generally involve making your way along a beach/wetland or field with your head bowed so low you are almost looking at your feet as you attempt to avoid the increasingly colder wind along with the very frequent stinging rain.  Still the reward of a hot chocolate and bag of chips at the end almost makes it worthwhile!  This year was no exception and the responsibility of ensuring that we enjoyed the trip was unknowingly with thousands of grey seals at the national nature reserve at Donna Nook, managed by Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust.


A breeding location for Grey Seals at this time of year, the beaches are busy with tourists and locals alike, the chance to see some baby seals was however inviting and for my 2 nieces very exciting and so we the layers of clothes and choice of footer was carried out and we headed for the beach! 

Beach in the middle of winter? Without a second thought I chose wellies and my new pair of Bonsai welly bamboo socks for the trip and after warming our feet with the car heater for as long as possible we went for a walk.  I was amazed at how comfortable my feet felt as we ambled along the wet, muddy path pointing out the baby seals and how the adult seals took on characteristics of people we knew!  It was a slow journey but thanks to my Bonsai’s my feet were warm and dry for the whole time and I was able to relax and enjoy the time with my family while appreciate this whole natural event that we are lucky to have on our shores.  In a wet and cold environment I was thrilled that I had found a pair of bamboo socks able to withstand the harsh UK winter temperatures and so comfortable too, I did feel sorry for those that weren’t so lucky as they almost ran back to their cars! I wore the Bonsai's just over the top of the wellies and they looked cool too. Can’t wait to get my new pair in another colour!!