Every time we’ve gone out recently I’ve worn these fab new knee high Bonsai welly socks.

Bonsai socks are great in so many ways!  They are made of incredibly soft bamboo and are thin, so they fit inside your wellies and other shoes easily, unlike many other welly socks I’ve tried before.  You know what I mean, you have a cosy sock on but it’s such a squash to fit it inside your welly boot?!  Another great thing about bamboo material is that it’s antibacterial and so doesn’t smell, believe me I have definitely tested this out!  I have worn them for several days outings, including some particularly warm weather and they didn’t smell at all.  An extra bonus is that bamboo is sustainable and therefore an environmentally friendly product, no pesticides or fertilisers are needed as it thrives naturally, it’s 100% biodegradable, fast growing and promotes soil stability (as it is cut and not uprooted).

They also look pretty good too!



We love the outdoors and have lots of fun exploring the countryside whenever we can.  In the last couple of weeks we’ve headed out to a variety of different locations for exploring, including Loch Katrine in the Trossachs and a splash about in the rain at Doune Ponds. At Loch Katrine we had lot of fun climbing rocks and up small hills.  The boys and I climbed up a hilly peninsula and sat on a fallen over mossy tree to eat our lunch.  It was a fairly warm day and it was just so nice to be out enjoying the outdoors (yes we had O’s bike and yes I had to carry that, toddler on my back and bag of food/nappies etc!).

The weather at Doune Ponds was completely different, and although we got soaked, we had great fun splashing in the puddles and feeding the ducks.  We tried feeding them rice and veg as the RSPB website suggests, as bread is not great nutritionally and increases algal growth in the water.  Unfortunately the ducks and swans weren’t too impressed with our offering, but the boys loved watching them and A was particularly excited, trying to chase them and I can only assume catch them?!

Bella Blue bamboo welly socks in red wellies

Bonsai socks come in this cute little box, which can be upcycled in so many different ways.  We chose to turn ours into a mini, portable dolls house!  What do you think?!


Dolls house with recycled sock box

Bella blue socks